Frequently Asked Questions

Loadport is an online platform which connects shippers and carriers. The shippers receive access to a network of thousands of different transportation service providers, while the carriers can find freight from thousands of shippers with which they can fill up their free capacity. All transactions and payments are dealt online. 

Individuals and legal entities can register as shippers. 

Only legal entities can register as freight forwarders and carriers. 

The platform does not accrue any monthly charges and registration fees for shippers. 

The platform does not accrue any monthly charges and registration fees for freight forwarders and carriers. When a one-time transportation deal is concluded, freight forwarders and carriers pay a commission amounting to 14% from the value of the transaction. 

All payments are carried out by the shipper in respect to initiated auction, chosen provider and concluded transportation deal. Payments can be processed in BGN or EUR, with all kinds of debit and credit cards, as well as epay and easypay. 

After completed transport by a freight forwarder or a carrier, the same is required, according to Loadport’s general terms and conditions, to send the shipper an invoice and a CMR for completed transport. After which, via the platform, the shipper certifies that he/she has received the above documents. Then, the platform automatically releases the negotiated amount towards the carrier/freight forwarder.

The shipper log into his account and initiates and auction, in accordance to his/her cargo’s dimensions. If the shipper is satisfied with an offered “Load Now” price, he/she can accept to offer and the auction will be completed. If the shipper is not satisfied with the offered “Load Now” price, he/she can wait for the auction’s closing time to elapse. Then the shipper will see all the offer’s in the menu “My active auctions”. The shipper is not required to choose a carrier/freight forwarder. 

After a carrier/freight forwarder is chosen, the same is obligated to accept or decline the transport, within 12 hours. When transportation is confirmed by the carrier/freight forwarder, the shipper proceeds with payment, within 12 hours. 

All amounts agreed on have VAT included.

The shipper can accept “Load Now” price and the auction will be prematurely completed

After fully completed transportation service, both sides can evaluate each other from the menu: “History of my auctions”, using a 5-star rating system. 

No. Every shipper can request cargo with any size or weight. Carriers/freight forwarders estimate what and when they can transport and what price they can offer. For more information, please contact us on: