How does it work

For senders

From the videos you will understand how to create a profile, initiate an auction and how to proceed with payment.

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How does it work for Senders

  1. Please make a registration and accept the General Terms and Conditions.
  2. You will receive an account activation e-mail.
  3. When you activate your account, please fill in the “FULL” registration form (The field “Pay-Out Preferences” is not necessary and it can be filled-in later).  
  4. You need to voluntarily sign a contract with the platform.
  5. Under section “My Profile”, you can initiate an auction.
  6. When you initiate an auction, please fill in the required fields, in terms of cargo type, destination, pick-up time, delivery time, type of transport and so on.
  7. Suggestion: When you name your auction, it is recommended to include: point of origin, final destination and cargo’s type.
  8. If you choose “Regular Transport” – a minimum of 3 periods is required and the budget you enter is a total for all of them.
  9. If you choose to add “Insurance” for your cargo, you need to certify the value of your good(s), with a document. (an evaluation from an appraiser, or an invoice)
  10. “Load Now” price is the price which you are ready to pay immediately without waiting for the auction to end. (in case, a service provider shows interest to carry on the service, at the given price)
  11. When you press “Start an auction”, your auction will be created.
  12. You can always keep track with your initiated auctions under “My active auctions”. There, you can also cancel an initiated auction. (keep in mind, this step may affect your rating).
  13. Your newly initiated, as well as other randomly selected auctions, will appear on the platform’s initial page.
  14. Under “My active auctions” you can also see when someone has interest in your auction and starts to bid on it.
  15. If you are satisfied with a proposed price, you can click “I accept the current price” and the auction will be over.
  16. Completed auctions will automatically move to “Completed auctions, imminent transportation”.
  17. When you choose a service provider and he confirms the implementation of a service, please proceed with payment. You can do that by clicking “Make a payment”. Your money will be transferred to the service provider, after the cargo is delivered (according to the agreed conditions).
  18. After the button “Make a payment” is pressed, you will be offered several different payment options.
  19. If payment is not executed in the next 12 hours, the platform will automatically terminate the auction.
  20. When payment is made, your auction will move to “Current Transport Services” and its status will change to “Paid”.
  21. When the service provider loads the cargo, the status of the service changes to “Loaded”.
  22. When the cargo is unloaded, status changes to “Unloaded”.
  23. After transportation is completed, invoice and transportation documents are received (by the service provider), you need to press the button “Accepted”. Then, the platform will be able to release the service provider’s payment.
  24. If 5 days after delivery the “Accepted” button is not pressed – the platform will do it automatically.
  25. Under “History of my auctions” you can always see the history of all your auctions (completed, as well as canceled).
  26. When transportation is successful and completed, you can rate the service you were provided with, using a 5 star rating system.
  27. If you desired to repeat any of your auctions, you can re-load them as a new auction. Information will be loaded and you will only be required to fill in some of the fields. 

For carriers

From the video you will understand how to create a service provider’s profile and how to participate in freight auctions.

See the video

How does it work for Carriers

  1. Please make a registration and accept the General Terms and Conditions.
  2. You will receive an account activation e-mail.
  3. The same service provider can register several different accounts (for its employees). This can be done using the same company details and e-mail address, but a different username.
  4. When you activate your account, please fill in the “FULL” registration form.
  5. You need to voluntarily provide your company’s details and sign a contract with the platform.
  6. When registration is completed, you will be send to section “Auctions”.
  7. In the “Auctions” section, you will be able to see all active auctions. You can filter them by: type of transport, initial and final destination point.
  8. Choose an auction.
  9. After you have made your choice, you will become familiar with the auction’s details: price, type of cargo, pick-up, delivery time and so on.
  10. If you have interest in a specific auction, you have two options: to “Bid” or to “Load Now”.
  11. “Bid” gives you the opportunity to submit your preferred price for the required service, as well as to raise or reduce an offer, which has previously been placed.
  12. “Load Now” means you are agreeing with the sender’s given price and you are ready to execute the order immediately, with the set conditions.
  13. You can always check the status of your auctions, under “My active auctions”.
  14. If the cargo’s sender chooses you to conclude his/her service, you will receive an e-mail.
  15. The system will inform you that a service execution confirmation is required.
  16. If you do not confirm in the next 12 hours, the system will notify the “Sender” and he will have to choose a different “Carrier”. (Such action can lead to a “Negative” rating for your side.
  17. After you confirm the order’s execution, the “Sender” will receive a payment confirmation e-mail.
  18. When payment is made, the auction will move to “Current Transport Services”.
  19. At this point, you will receive the sender’s contact details and you can proceed with loading of the cargo.
  20. When the cargo is loaded, click the button “Loaded”. (You can do that both from your e-mail, or the platform – under “Current Transport Services”.
  21. When you deliver the cargo to the desired destination, you have to update the status of the service, by clicking “Unload”.
  22. When the “Sender” confirms that the cargo is unloaded, the auction’s status will become “Accepted” and your payment will be released.