About us

The concept for “LoadPort”, was created in the end of 2015, in Bulgaria, by three young entrepreneurs. Due to the rapid development of the “online world”, an innovation opportunity was recognized and seized in the highly competitive transportation sector.  

Globalization is a fact, nations and businesses evolve, more and more people own a computer and have access to the internet. Daily, individuals from all over the world, realize how much easier it is to order something online, rather than purchasing it physically, by hand. Because of that, over the last couple of years the transportation industry has recorded an exponential growth, making it unthinkable to take rest.

Worldwide, end consumers and businesses need to send goods from one location to another. Hence, they need to find a way of transporting and delivering the necessary object/s. Usually, the search for the most convenient, easy and favourable option, results in an excessive waste of energy and time, consequently even making certain individuals to give up and quit.

This is where “LoadPort” comes in favour. Our platform’s main goal is to establish itself as the preferred partner for both senders of goods and forwarders, who need a modern tool for receiving and closing online deals. When senders are using the platform, they would not have to bother finding the right forwarder, or transportation service. In contrary, the shipping company itself will proceed and contact the customer. On the other hand, all transport companies (forwarders) will have the possibility to get in touch with new clientele, in a quick, easy and secure way.

Our concept only benefits its users, it doesn’t take anything away form them. The main goal is to make the complicated, slow and confusing process of sending or shipping a load - enjoyable and limited to only couple of mouse clicks. From our side, the concept has been implemented. Now it is your turn to benefit from it.